Safety at Work

Health and Safety at Work
Optimal working safety and exemplary health protection are important basic principals for the positive long-term development of the company. The practiced working safety is an important part of the process-orientated, integrated management system. Compared to the competitors in this section, the numbers of accidents have been below average for many years, which proves the efficiency of this systematic approach.

Principles and Standards

Safety and Health:
INDUSTRIJAKOMERC is devoted to improved safety and health protection for our employees and to minimize adverse effects. Senior management and employees are committed to our established rules and are requested to always behave in accordance with safety and health-regulations.

Detecting and Eliminating Errors:
Error prevention has absolute priority compared to trouble shooting. It is not satisfactory to only eliminate errors, but also discover the root cause and establish a procedure to prevent it from reoccurring. We regularly establish quantifiable goals for safety and health at work and monitor compliance..

Employee Suggestion System:
Employees are encouraged to provide ideas and suggestions for improved safety and health practices through our employee suggestion system and the Commission for Working and Environment Protection.

Workplace Equipment:
The ideal technical equipment of the workplaces, the continuous effort of all employees for optimal, working safety and the regular, individual training are basic requirements for safety at work.

Health and Safety in the Workplace:
To protect the health and safety of our employees, there are a number of qualified first-aid and safety officers on staff., the systematic and complete danger evaluation including the examination of the workplace ergonomics helps to protect the health of the employees.

Training and Skill Enhancement:
Employee skill enhancement and training needs are routinely examined and addressed to meet the advancing technologies. Employees are also encouraged to sharpen their skills and stay on top of their professions or fields of work by means of personal education.

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